Island Hills Advisory Committee

Dedicated to the revisioning of the shuttered Island Hills Golf Course property

Proposed new concept view of community farming

The Island Hills Advisory Committee Mission Statement

The Island Hills Advisory Committee consists of well-known and respected Islip Town residents who have been asked to review a new concept for the shuttered Island Hills Golf Course and solicit community input regarding the concept. Their review of the concept will be guided by the principle that any new proposal for the property must maintain and improve the quality of life for the residents of Sayville and the Town of Islip and be fiscally sustainable. The review will involve soliciting input from the community as well as business, municipal and environmental stakeholders and culminate in the issuance of an advisory report that will assist the property owner in shaping a new concept for the site that fits into the fabric of the community and suggests community benefits for Sayville and the greater Islip community.

View of proposed linear greenway along Bohemia Parkway

Letter to the Islip Community

Summer 2023

Dear Neighbors,

As longtime residents of Sayville, Bayport and West Sayville, we share a devotion to and an appreciation for our hamlets. We value their fabric, character, and history. Most of all, we commend the people of Sayville, Bayport, West Sayville, Bohemia and Oakdale for their community spirit and often-demonstrated willingness to collaborate and achieve positive results. With this in mind, we are reaching out today to foster a more productive line of communication with Rechler Equity Partners regarding the shuttered Island Hills Golf Course property.

Gregg and Mitchell Rechler, co-partners of Rechler Equity, are committed to establishing an open dialogue with local residents. They value the thoughts, questions, and concerns of community members and seek to incorporate meaningful input into a new vision for Island Hills.

The community’s feedback on the initial plan made it clear that there needed to be a new approach. In response, Rechler Equity has been diligently working on a new conceptual framework that takes into account the concerns expressed by the community during the past seven years. This revised concept aims to address issues such as size, density, homeownership, and the need for senior housing. Perhaps most importantly, Rechler Equity understands that the new concept must be designed so that it fits into the fabric of the community. Moving forward, community members’ thoughts and suggestions will play a crucial role in shaping this new concept into a formalized plan.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we will be reaching out to various groups and individuals throughout the community to arrange meetings. These meetings will include stakeholders from civic, business, environmental, arts, school district, and life safety organizations as well as other area residents. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful face-to-face discussions that we hope and expect will lead to a productive outcome for everyone.

In the meantime, if you or someone you know are interested in sharing thoughts or opinions on the concept, please use the form below.


The Island Hills Advisory Committee
Mary Lou Cohalan
Michael Dawidziak
Tim Dolan
Justin Jaycon
Frederick Welge

View of the proposed farmstead/STP at the center of the community

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of the Island Hills Golf Course property?

After more than seven years of public outreach and community feedback, Rechler Equity Partners, the property owner, along with its new design team at Union Design in Rhode Island, has created a new vision for the site. This new concept will address many concerns heard during the previous seven years. Rechler Equity has engaged a five-person advisory committee consisting of dedicated community members to open productive lines of communication with other community stakeholders to receive meaningful input on this new concept.

Has any plan been submitted to the Town of Islip?

No new revised application has been submitted to the Town of Islip.

Is it true all units will be rentals?

Rechler Equity’s new concept for Island Hills may include a mix of homeownership and rental home options while adhering to the Town of Islip’s workforce housing code.

What is different about this new concept compared to previous versions?

Rechler Equity’s updated concept for the property is a departure from the original vision. New architectural choices focus on matching the existing fabrics of the surrounding communities by addressing homeownership, senior housing, height and other key topics that were raised in response to the original plan. As a result, this new vision includes homeownership options and fewer rental homes, representing at least a 30% reduction in density.

What is the next official step in the approval process?

Once the advisory committee carries out a comprehensive public outreach campaign surrounding the new concept, the company will use the meaningful feedback the committee receives to inform potential changes. From there, the new concept will be incorporated into a revised application and submitted to the Town of Islip.

How can I share my thoughts?

Please submit your name and thoughts on the form below which will be considered.

Rendering of the proposed former 2017 plan

New proposed design concept to be considered